• EC-135
  • EC-135


EMS, Disaster Management and SAR (Search and Rescue) Duties

The model Eurocopter EC-135 is fully equipped to fulfill duties relating to EMS and disaster management and SAR. It is a model that is frequently preferred in search and rescue operations due to its design, modular flexible cockpit arrangement, perfect exterior visibility and loading-unloading capabilities.
Even during procedures with crane lifting, patients may easily be taken into the helicopter remaining in the air thanks to its large sliding door and mussel-shaped rear doors.

EC-135 helicopters do not allow for only aerial transportation for patients, but also petrol gas-related missions, safety and passenger transportation and fail-safe flights.

EC-135 provides various facilities for assistant operators: it may specifically be adapted for supplementary missions with its large cockpit with low accuracy of wind and sliding doors and Class A powerful engines equipped with FADEC. In addition, it provides high external suspended load capacity.

Some examples of supplementary missions:

  • Suspended load operation
  • Wind turbine maintenance and check
  • Intelligence acquisition
  • Lifting by crane
  • Electricity line check
  • Transportation intended for the port pilot
  • Firefighting
  • Cargo transportation
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