Gökçen Aviation

Named after the world’s first woman fighter pilot (war pilot), raised by Turkish Aeronautical Association, Gökçen Aviation was established in 1986 as Air Taxi Commercial Enterprise in order to establish aviation industry in Turkey; contribute to the progress of civilian, sportive and touristic aviation; and carry out the commercial activities which forms the income for Turkish Aeronautical Association to realise its mission. In 2007 it was renamed as Gökçen Aviation Commercial Enterprise.

Within the structure of Gökçen Aviation as a service provider;

In 2011 Gök-Bil Informatics was founded to carry out informatics and security systems; TAO Insurance and Brokerage Services Corporation was founded to carry out the insurance and brokerage services and TAO Flight Training Services was founded to carry out Göksun Tourism and Training Services in order to be active in tourism field. Firm steps are taken to be conglomerated.

Gökçen Aviation has added rotary wing air vehicles to its inventories by including seventeen EC-135 helicopters purchased from Eurocopter Firm. It is planned to serve national/international and individual/corporate clients by being active in both aviation and the other fields with advanced investments in aviation and Research and Development activities; and improving its skills and capacity.

Our Fields of Activity

  • Aerial Fire Extinguishing
  • Airplane Maintenance and Repair Centre
  • Air Taxi – Air Ambulance Services
  • Model Airplane Hobby Houses in various cities.
  • Pilot Shop stores where piloting equipments are sold.