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As the leading firm in the Turkish Civil Aviation industry, Gökçen Aviation places great importance on research and development activities..

Research and Development (R&D) is defines as "any creative work maintained in a systematic manner for the purpose of increasing knowledge and the employment of this knowledge for innovating new applications". In other words, it is one of the primary elements of achieving growth and development through innovation. Corporations engaging in R&D intend to increase their productivity and product quality as well as to innovate new products and services.

R&D activities existing in every stage of life is directly associated with human life. R&D includes activities enhancing the existence of nations and societies as well as life quality. Nations attaching importance to R&D achieved to increase their prosperity level by at least three-four times.

R&D seems to be a field of activity that is not affected by crises, but reversely providing income in times of crisis. For this reason, the mentality asserting that R&D is an inefficient investment and the resources consumed will be wasted should be abandoned. It is a well-known fact that the money spent for R&D investments has much more returns (yields) in the medium and long term, even if not in the short term.

R&D consists of three divisions:

1- Basic Research: is an experimental or theoretical work for gaining new knowledge about the basics of the subject researched and its observed evidences (facts), without any specific application or utilization.

2- Applied Research: is an original research conducted for gaining new knowledge. However, differently from the Basic Research, it is intended for a specific application or purpos.

3- Deneysel Gelişim: is a systematic work based on the existing knowledge, intended for the production of new materials, products and vehicles; the establishment of new procedures, systems and services or the improvement of already produced or established ones.

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