• Havacılık Danışmanlığı
  • Havacılık Danışmanlığı

Gökçen Aviation provides consultancy in aviation for all institutions and organizations by its professional staff, state-of-the-art technology equipment and experience.

It offers consultancy in aerial monitoring of any location or place, online tracking of vehicles and locations, mapping, weather analysis, aerial photo and video shooting, air taxi, air ambulance and aerial pesticide.

We encourage our business partners and our customers in strategy setting, organizational management, technology tracking and performance improvement.

After identifying your needs for the aviation enterprise that is planned to be established; acting in consistency with solutions offered during the identification of appropriate aerial vehicles, identification of selected vehicles' economy and efficiency, identification of all operation issues relating to the operation of aerial vehicles, import, sales and delivery of aerial vehicles, provision of coordination in lease, sales and maintenance of aerial vehicles, rendering TRTO and FTO services, provision of flight crew and management of Human Resources processes will have an impact on the company's future. Taking right decisions with a solution providing team, you may select correct targets and appropriate policies and thus achieve under our guidance.

Our professional team takes pride in sharing their aviation-related experience, strategy, technology and their vision in marketing and sales with you.